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Stephen King a anuntat un nou roman – ‘Later’ – pentru primavara 2021. Puteti citi un fragment in articol.

Noul roman pe care l-a scris Stephen King si e anuntat pentru inceputul anului viitor il are in prim plan pe un baietel – Jamie Conklin – care are capacitati mentale supraumane.  Copilul este solicitat de un politist sa opreasca un criminal mort care provoaca daune dincolo de mormant, dar ca sa-si poata folosi abilitatile exceptionale trebuie sa ia o decizie care implica o pierdere personala importanta.

Stephen King a anuntat saptamana trecuta numele cartii – “Later”- si coperta acesteia, precum si ca ea va fi disponibila in librarii si pentru achizitii online din martie 2021.

“Numai mortii nu au secrete” scrie pe coperta cartii, iar reprezentatii editurii spun ca fanii vor gasi in carte teme pe care King le-a folosit in multe dintre creatiile sale: rezistenta in fata fortelor raului, pierderea inocentei.

“Later este o poveste emotionanta despre maturizare si infruntarea propriilor demoni, care uneori sunt doar metaforici sau – cum se intampla in romanele lui Stephen King – sunt reali”, a declarant Charles Ardai, editorul sau de la Hard Case Crime.

Editura a facut public un fragment pe care-l lasam in engleza, asa cum a fost scris

I don’t like to start with an apology—there’s probably even a rule against it, like never ending a sentence with a preposition—but after reading over the thirty pages I’ve written so far, I feel like I have to. It’s about a certain word I keep using. I learned a lot of four-letter words from my mother and used them from an early age (as you will find out), but this is one with five letters. The word is later, as in „Later on” and „Later I found out” and „It was only later that I realized.” I know it’s repetitive, but I had no choice, because my story starts when I still believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy (although even at six I had my doubts). I’m twenty-two now, which makes this later, right? I suppose when I’m in my forties—always assuming I make it that far—I’ll look back on what I thought I understood at twenty-two and realize there was a lot I didn’t get at all. There’s always a later, I know that now. At least until we die. Then I guess it’s all before that.

My name is Jamie Conklin, and once upon a time I drew a Thanksgiving turkey that I thought was the absolute cat’s ass. Later—and not much later—I found out it was more like the stuff that comes out of the cat’s ass. Sometimes the truth really sucks.

I think this is a horror story. Check it out.

Copyright © 2021 by Stephen King

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