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5 sfaturi de moda de la Delilah

Pe minunata Delilah o vedem pe 21 martie in Atelierul de Productie insa pana atunci am aflat 5 lucruri despre felul in care vede moda si selfie-urile.


1. You have a very eclectic style – urban with high fashion influences. Is it a mirror of your music or personality?
My music is a story of my life which affects my mood and I dress to reflect how I feel so yes they\’re all connected. I like to mix it up. I can\’t say I always get it right but I don\’t follow a \’trend\’ I just do me.

2. Do you take selfies?
Sometimes! I think everyone’s guilty of an occasional selfie. I\’m not the best at it… I\’m still perfecting my technique. lol

3. What wouldn\’t you ever wear?
Moon boots!!

4. What is the biggest \’faux-pas\’ in fashion you\’ve ever made as an artist and as a woman?
There’s lots! But all I know is for the most part at the time I felt good. Hindsight is a beautiful thing!

5. As an uprising artist, what is more important – the way you look or the way you perform on stage?
The way I perform 100%! But how you dress on stage definitely changed the way you feel. It’s like a coat of armour before you go out to battle. Or a white dress for a bride. It doesn\’t make the occasion but it’s an important aspect of performance. After all your fans want something pleasing to their eye not only their ears.

Mai multe detalii despre showul Delilah de pe 21 martie gasesti AICI! Ne vedem acolo sa facem o poza cu ea?

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